The Rock star look is back this 2023 spring and summer

“Rock n roll never dies”…were Måneskin’s words after winning the European song festival. We had expected the rockstar look before, but this spring is now really coming through in the street scene. Men are allowed to feel tough again and dress a little rebellious and also behave a little rebellious. What gives you that real rock star rebellious look? We give you a number of inspirations and examples of how to look good this spring and summer at all the festivals and concerts?

The right rock star pants

First of all, you should have good rockstar pants and then we’re not talking about leather pants or those ugly 80s glam rock leggings, but about nice cool jeans. Then choose a rough black jeans and these can of course be a bit skinny or slim, because that is definitely rock n roll. Holes gives you a little extra rocknroll.

Rock star shoes

With this you can go in all directions, from nice kicked-off converse all stars, adidas sneakers to old army boxes or Dr Martens. We recommend wearing some sturdy shoes at concerts and festivals. But outside of that, Converse all stars or Vans are of course super cool with your rockstar look.

Rock t-shirts

Black band T-shirts are a no-brainer, they always look good with your rockstar look. But a plain black T-shirt is of course also possible. Don’t always go for that round neck, but also combine a V-neck T-shirt in your outfit. If it’s a bit chilly, you can of course always put on a cool lumberjack shirt or wear it around your waist. If you put on a lumberjack shirt, leave it open so that your (band) T-shirt is visible. What is also very cool is to combine your rockstar look with a neat jacket, also in black of course or a waistcoat. That also often gives an old school rock look.

Rock star Jacket

For this we have two pieces of advice, the first is the denim jacket. It really can’t be missing in your rockstar outfit and is always very rocknroll. You can provide these with patches, but don’t overdo it. Some are already good for your rocknroll look. Second, of course, is the leather jacket. The real rock start wears a fitted leather jacket that actually cannot be closed. The older and worn the better, you can often already score such a leather jacket in a vintage or second-hand clothing store.

Rock star accessories

With your pants, shoes, T-shirt and jacket you are not there yet. You can spice up your rockstar look with, for example;

  • Rings
  • Bracelets
  • Chains
  • Sunglasses – often called aviator glasses that are nice and big
  • A Beanie
  • A baseball cap – but backwards

See also some outfits for inspiration here – unleash your inner rockstar at all the festivals this summer!

Cover foto by SHVETS production via Pexels

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Written by rock69

Daniela, the self-proclaimed rockstar tattooed babe, is taking Instagram by storm. With her unique inked look and spunky attitude, she is quickly becoming a social media sensation. She currently has over 700 thousand followers on Instagram and continues to rise as a role model for many young women.

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